Polus-N, Kharkiv, Ukraine. High performance magnets
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Nd-Fe-B magnets
All purpose magnetic separators
Bonded magnets
Ignition system and magneto
Magnetic plates for printing industry
Magnetic systems for nondestructive testing
Magnetic mixers, stirrers and agitators
Magnetic drive pumps
Magnetic drive
Magnetic drivers for leak-proof equipment
Magnetic hooks and heavy duty magnets
Mitsubishi Carisma throttle repair
Electric motors repair
External magnetic field detectors
Magnetic surgical instrument



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Sales in Europe, America and Asia
Phone +38 (095) 914 86 92
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"Polus-N" company
61068, Ukraine, Kharkiv, Mekhanichnyi Provulok 4.
E-mail: polus-n@list.ru