Polus-N, Kharkiv, Ukraine. High performance magnets
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Nd-Fe-B magnets
All purpose magnetic separators
Bonded magnets
Ignition system and magneto
Magnetic plates for printing industry
Magnetic systems for nondestructive testing
Magnetic mixers, stirrers and agitators
Magnetic drive pumps
Magnetic drive
Magnetic drivers for leak-proof equipment
Magnetic hooks and heavy duty magnets
Mitsubishi Carisma throttle repair
Electric motors repair
External magnetic field detectors
Magnetic surgical instrument

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Polus-N LLC is spin-out company established by highly skilled former weapon-scientists form National Scientific Centre Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology. Polus-N specializes in magnetic materials on the base of rare-earth alloys and their applications.


Our services and products

  • Production of high performance permanent magnets and multi-pole magnetic systems on the base of Barium ferrites, NdFeB and SmCo magnets.
  • Production of bonded magnets with various properties and designs.
  • Mass production of ignition systems for petrol-powered saws, walking tractors, boats engines and et al.
  • Development and production of all purpose magnetic separators.
  • Development and manufacturing all purpose magnetic systems including magnetic driver pumps


  • Automobile industry (electronic transducers, electric motors, generators, stators and et al.).
  • Moto transport.
  • Nondestructive testing.
  • Medicine (magnetic devices).
  • Special-purpose machines (magnetic sweepers, lifting systems).
  • Water  treatment.

Our know-how’s allow to manufacture Nd-Fe-B and Sm-Co magnets of ultimate grades and physical properties such as high thermal stability and high corrosion resistance. Magnetic performances of our bonded magnets match best world results.

Among our longstanding customers are hundreds of Ukrainian, Russian and world companies: JSC Motor-Sitch (Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine), JSC Kharkiv plant of multihead machines (Kharkiv, Ukraine), SM Malysheva plant (Kharkiv, Ukraine), JSC Khladoprom (Kharkiv, Ukraine), Nestle Ukraine, Kraft Foods Ukriane, ROSHEN, JSC Zhitomirskie lasochi  (Zhitomir, Ukraine) and many others.

All our production is manufactured according to TU U regulations and has UkrSEPRO certificates.

We are ready to perform free consultations, give free samples and magnetic systems for your testing. We have attractive discounts and dealer reward programs. We wish you success in your business, and look forward to mutually beneficial collaboration.


"Polus-N" company
61068, Ukraine, Kharkov, Mehanicheskiy, 4.
E-mail: polus-n@list.ru